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Dictionary & Thesaurus with Google Translate app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 3152 ratings )
Travel Reference
Developer: EA Chillingo
0.99 USD
Current version: 4.9, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 11 Aug 2008
App size: 40.09 Mb

Lexisgoo English Dictionary & Thesaurus contains 215,000 entries, 3.7 million words and 2,800 idioms. Friendly user interface, simple search functionality and an enhanced speaking function make learning the English vocabulary easier than ever.

► Noteworthy

• Comprehensive content by many built-in & online dictionaries

• VOA Special English modules for improving listening & reading skill.

• Smart word searching including spell-check & auto look-up feature

• Quick link for synonyms, antonyms, hyponyms, ...

• English learning tool, Audio pronunciations

► Comprehensive contents

• NEW! VOA Special English modules for improving listening & reading skill.
• Quick gathering words definition from many dictionaries

• Built-in dictionaries:
- Full WordNet 3.0 with 200,000 entries, 3.5 million words and 1.7 million links
- Thesaurus with 20,000 entries
- NEW! Etymology dictionary with 35,500 entries
- NEW! Idiom dictionary contains about 2,900 entries
- Word list and test modules for GRE, SAT, TOEFL

• Online dictionaries: WordReference
• Audio pronunciation; 120,000 pronunciation samples in IPA

► Smart Searching

• Wildcard, Anagram & Phonetic search
• Spell-check for English keywords

► Advanced functions

• "Word of The Day"
• Favorite & History list
• Notes for learning words
• Support Google Translation for 36 languages (online).

► Note:
The dictionary does not required an internet connection except online dictionaries and Google translation.

Developed by PPCLINK Mobile Software

Pros and cons of Dictionary & Thesaurus with Google Translate app for iPhone and iPad

Dictionary & Thesaurus with Google Translate app good for

At more than 200,000 entries, this is a good portable dictionary. Gone are the days when you needed a dedicated electronic dicionary. You can now have it in your iPhone or iPod. It is advertised as a "talking dictionary", but the "talking" part is as yet only marginally useful. After using the software for a few hours, I found that only approximately 10% of the entries are actually recorded human voices. The remaining majority of spoken pronounciation guides are shynthesized speech, with quality ranging from very good to downright unintelligible, with predominance of the latter, unfortnately. Recording of the 90% remaining entries is in order, but then again that might explain the 90% off promotional offer. In all, well worth the current $0.99, of course. Just dont count too much, on this version, on the speaking feature.
Sehr gutes Programm. Laedt teilweise 1-2 Sekunden. 1 Stern ist ein Witz...
What a deal, just bought it yesterday for full price, today is 90% off, not fair. Well, its perfect for me. As a non-native English speaker, it does what I need, meaning, pronunciation. The only thing I would like to see the improvement is the color of the interface. The default one is so baby.
Ive used Lexisgoo PPC edition for a long time and it was great, as this one is. The 2.0 has an improved layout and features. I have a few English dictionaries installed, Oxford and Ultralingua, and they just dont compare in terms of features, definitions and completeness. A great buy, thanks!
Very handy and easy to use. The sound is poor but still better than nothing. I have 3 dictionaries in my IPhone; this one is a way better than the others. I recomend.
Now I know how a great app this is. I tried the others with $20, 24 & 15 cost no one links the words. Non of oxford has fevorite list or phonitec search. Donnt spend money on expensive dictionaries. This one has the most useful functions.

Some bad moments

May be the dictionary is a bit helpfull, but not as it is described on the Web page of the company, and the sound is not working at all. Apple have to fix that. If i have a choice i give nothing untill they fix the problem.
It was my fav doctionary, but sience they made update, it became so useless. I am now looking for other option, sad though, I liked it before a lot.
After upgrading, the Grammar section disappeared and the irregular verbs with it. Too bad, it was my favorite app
What kind of dictionary doesnt have all the words its supposed to have? This one! Update it!
Please give us back the irregular verbs and the grammar section. Why remove something that is the strong selling point? People will dump you if you dont give back the only thing that made your app important.
La nuova versione ha peggiorato le performance. Non trova più i termini ed è diventato complicato passare dal vocabolario al tesaurus o ad altri vocabolari. Fate qualcosa. The new version is worse than the old one. It is Complicated to switch dictionaries. Please work on it to improve this app.

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